Saturday, December 5, 2015

Types of Stroke

Stroke is a loss of brain function caused by the interruption of blood flow to the brain area. If blood flow is stopped for more than a few seconds, the cells of brain tissue that is not getting the nutrients and oxygen can die and cause permanent damage to brain function.
There are two main types of stroke:

1. Ischemic Stroke

Ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain is blocked. Type of stroke is the most common (almost 90% of strokes are ischemic).

Ischemic stroke underlying condition is the accumulation of fat that lines the walls of blood vessels (called atherosclerosis). Cholesterol, homocysteine and other substances can be attached to the walls of arteries, forming a sticky substance called plaque. Over time, plaque accumulates. This often makes it difficult blood flowing properly and cause a blood clot (thrombus).

Ischemic stroke is distinguished by the cause of clogged arteries:

Thrombotic strokes. Blockages caused by thrombus develops in the arteries of the brain is already very narrow.
Embolic stroke. A blockage caused by a thrombus, an air bubble or fat fractions (embolism) are formed in other parts of the body such as the heart and the aorta in the chest and neck, which is carried by the flow of blood to the brain. Heart disorder called atrial fibrillation can create conditions in which the thrombus formed in the heart pumping and circulation to the brain.

2. hemorrhagic stroke.

Hemorrhagic strokes are caused by blood vessels leak or rupture in or around the brain that block the blood supply to the brain tissue in question. In addition, the blood flooded and compress surrounding brain tissue so as to disturb or shut off function.

Two types of hemorrhagic stroke:

Intracerebral hemorrhage. Intracerebral hemorrhage is bleeding in the brain caused by trauma (brain injury) or abnormal blood vessels (aneurysm or angioma). If not caused by one of these conditions, most often caused by chronic high blood pressure. Intracerebral hemorrhage accounts for about 10% of all strokes, but it has the highest percentage cause of death from stroke.
Subarachnoid hemorrhage. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is bleeding in the subarachnoid space, the space between the inner layer (Pia mater) and middle layer (arachnoid mater) of tissue lining of the brain (meninges). The most common cause is the rupture of a bulge (aneurysm) in the arteries. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a serious medical emergency that can cause permanent disability or death. Stroke is also the only type of stroke is more common in women than in men.


Minor stroke or medically known as a transient ischemic attack (TIA) occurs when the oxygen supply to a specific part of the brain is blocked for a while, then returned to normal. The obstruction is usually caused by narrowing of the arteries of the brain due to atherosclerosis or small blood clots that brought in from elsewhere in the body and clog the arteries of the brain.

Most minor stroke lasted less than ten minutes the symptoms are temporary. If continued in the 24 hours or so then categorized as ordinary stroke

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Nail Treatment Stuff at Home

Beauty care is needed for you who want to show your good looking. Talking about beauty care, it can be about nail treatment. You have to treat your nails to complete your inner beauty. Someone’s nail influences his or her health too.

To get nail treatment, you simply can do it at home. You don’t need to go to salon for nail treatment. If you want to do it at home, you have to know what some stuff that you need. You have to get stuff for nail treatment firstly before you do it. So, check here about stuff that you need just like You need antiseptic liquid.

Before you do nail treatment, you have to use antiseptic liquid. It is used to keep your nails from bacteria. You can apply it on your nails and your nail treatment stuff. After that, you also need moistening cream and cuticle clippers. Moistening cream is used to moisturize your cuticle. Then, cuticle clippers can be used for cutting your cuticle.

Besides that, you also need buffer. It is used to smooth your nails. It also can make your nails shiny. You can buy them at salon or some cosmetic stores. Finally, you can prepare that stuff to complete your beauty care and nail treatment.

Simple Nail Treatment with Lime Essence

Beauty care is not always about your skin and eyes treatment. It is also related to your nail treatment. Talking about nail treatment, somebody thinks that they have to pay expensive cost at salon. But actually, you can get nail treatment simply and easy. See also for the simplest to avoid nail fungus.

There are so many nature materials which can be used for beauty care. You can get them easy at your home especially in the kitchen. It’s because they are from fruits and vegetables.

So now, this article is going to tell you about nail treatment with lime. Usually, lime is used for cooking materials. Do you know that it can be used for your nail treatment? Actually, lime can keep your nails from bacteria and make your nails shiny.

You can check the simple steps how to use lime for nail treatment here.
First, you have to take warm water. Then, squeeze the lime. Mix that warm water with lime essence. After that, you have to soak your nails into that water. Wait it for several minutes. Last, you can wipe your nails by clean towel.

You can try this way regularly. Finally, beauty care and nail treatment don’t demand you to spend much money. You can do that at home.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Simple Nail Treatment with Sour Carambola

Beauty care is important for women because it influences someone’s look or someone’s appearance. Talking about beauty care, it’s not always about face and body. It can be about your nails. So, we cannot deny that we need to do such nail treatment.

Nail is one of body part which tends to be disease source. It’s because we use hands with nails to hold everything. So, bacteria around us can patch on our nails. If we let it to be there, some diseases will come to us, like diarrhea. Because of that, nail treatment is important for us.

You can go to salon to have manicure or pedicure. But it demands you to spend some money. Actually, you can do nail treatment at home. It doesn’t ask you to take your money. You can use simple way and just need nature material.

You only need sour carambola (star fruit which is used in soup) to treat your nails every day. You can slice it into two parts. Then, rub it on your nails area. Wait it till several minutes. Then, wash your nails by clean water. Besides cleaning your nails, it also can be used to cure your brittle nails. Good luck to try this simple beauty care for your nails.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to Treat Your Hair

The Simplest Way to Treat Your Hair.

Hair is the women’s crown. It is not only used to keep our head but it also influences our look. Someone’s hair style can make him or her being confident and good looking. That’s why hair treatment is one of beauty care ways.

 If you want to know how to treat your hair, you have to read this article. It’s because this article will give the information for you about hair treatment. You can practice it by your own self. Keep reading here.

To treat your hair, you can use shampoo which is suit for your hair. You can try to know what kind of hair that you have. Then, you can match and find what shampoo that you need. If you have dandruff problem, you can choose shampoo with zinc. Zinc is active material to remove dandruff.

There is also traditional way to keep your hair strength and make your hair thick. You can use aloe to treat your hair. You only need to peel aloe. After that, you can apply aloe to all area of your hair. Wait it till 30 minutes. Then, wash your hair. Besides for hair, aloe also can be used to nail treatment. It will make your nails shiny. So, beauty care is not expensive for you.

Simple Tips to Keep Our Healthy Skin

How to keep Ourskin Fresh and Healthy

Skin is the widest organ of our body. It also keeps other organs of our body and helps us to avoid getting infection. For beauty care, skin is the most important organ. Soft and clean skin is the sign of healthy life. So, we have to care our body especially skin. See also

 You will know some information about how to treat your body skin. Keep on reading here. This article is going to tell you about beauty care.

Here are some tips to get healthy skin. Check it below! To care your skin, you can start by consuming water 8 till 10 glass per day. It’s same like you consume 1 liter of water. It can help you to keep the moistness of your skin.

You also can consume water mixed with honey. A glass of water with honey is enough for you on a day. It will make your skin being softer. Then, to prevent dry skin, you can control the room temperature. Make sure your room is not too cold. It’s because cold temperature can make your skin dry.

 Besides that, you have to consume fruits with many Vitamin A and C. Those vitamins are so good to care your skin health. It also can be used as nail treatment. It will help you to prevent dry skin around your nails. So, start to be healthy from now.