Saturday, February 21, 2015

Simple Nail Treatment with Sour Carambola

Beauty care is important for women because it influences someone’s look or someone’s appearance. Talking about beauty care, it’s not always about face and body. It can be about your nails. So, we cannot deny that we need to do such nail treatment.

Nail is one of body part which tends to be disease source. It’s because we use hands with nails to hold everything. So, bacteria around us can patch on our nails. If we let it to be there, some diseases will come to us, like diarrhea. Because of that, nail treatment is important for us.

You can go to salon to have manicure or pedicure. But it demands you to spend some money. Actually, you can do nail treatment at home. It doesn’t ask you to take your money. You can use simple way and just need nature material.

You only need sour carambola (star fruit which is used in soup) to treat your nails every day. You can slice it into two parts. Then, rub it on your nails area. Wait it till several minutes. Then, wash your nails by clean water. Besides cleaning your nails, it also can be used to cure your brittle nails. Good luck to try this simple beauty care for your nails.


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